Making your battery driven life easy

Achieve energy efficiency for all your energy demands

High-quality Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions 
for different customer segments

5-20 kWh

Smart and highly efficient home ESS

60+ kWh

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) ESS

1- 5,7 MWh

Large-scale Containerized ESS

be smart

Residential energy storage solution empowering homes to generate and store 100% green energy

The system pays for itself through utility cost savings. 
Saving money and generating clean energy are two big benefits. 

How it Works

  Solar panels generate electricity going into smart inverter. Inverter supplies electricity to power your home and to charge the Lithium-Ion battery. Battery system is charged by the solar panels and the energy is available to 
save your electricity costs.
When solar power is not available in the evening, the battery can power most loads in the home. Your electricity network supplies the extra electricity required or you can keep the battery fully charged as a backup. With the help of smart battery systems, you can have huge savings on your energy bill.
You can also monitor the battery system incredibly easily 
and it is easy to maintain.